When the East meets the Emerald Island

Here is a eastern take on a traditional Saint Patrick's Day meal!

1 51b corn beef

4 cloves of peeled garlic

¼ cup sherry vinegar

½ cup chicken stock

½ cup soy sauce

2 table spoons sesame oil

4 tablespoons brown sugar

¼ cup Sriracha chili sauce

½ cup Hoisin sauce

½ cups chopped coriander

12 oz. rice sticks soaked in warm water 20 minutes

1 cup or more of chopped mushrooms (your choice of mushrooms)

½ cup of chopped carrots

8 diced green onions

½ of green cabbage shredded

4 tablespoons of olive oil

Set oven to 350. Puree garlic cloves and next 8 items. In a large bowl marinade the corn beef with ½ of the pureed sauce for approx. 2 hours. Roast corn beef in a covered sheet pan for approx. 2 hours. After two hours take approx. ½ of the corn beef and dice. Use the remainder of the corn beef to make incredible sandwiches. Drain the rice noodles. Take the remainder of the marinade and put over the soaked rice noodles, add the next four ingredients and marinade for about an hour. In a wok or large frying pan heat oil until almost smoking. Pour marinated rice sticks, mushrooms, carrots, green onions, green cabbage and the marinade into wok or frying pan. Cook for approx. 3 minutes and add the diced meat and cook for approx. 1 minute more.