The Mad Chef

Simply put, B Cellars blended wines, with their layers of flavor and easy drinkability, pair more favorably with meals than the varietal wines. Jim Borsack, co-founder of B Cellars, has spent the last 20 years in the kitchen perfecting his cooking abilities. He is renowned among family and friends for creating elaborate seven course meals during Monday Night Football and always with a bottle (or three) of blended wines to pair. The “Mad Chef,” as Jim has come to fondly be called, has combined his decades of culinary experience with his studies in viticulture to create versatile wines that pair exceptionally well with the non-traditional wine-pairing foods that many of us enjoy regularly. Experiment with the Mad Chef’s Marmalade Glazed Short Ribs paired with a Blend 26, or if you prefer varietals there are also recipes for the pairing of B Cellars Syrah and Sangiovese. Browse through the wide range of recipes for all palates, note pairing recommendations and enjoy recreating the B Cellars tasting experience for your own family and friends!