Jim Borsack
B Cellars Co-Founder & Principal

Jim Borsack, co-founder and principal of B Cellars, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and marketing professional with more than 30 years of experience in the luxury goods industry.  

Prior to launching B Cellars with business partner Duffy Keys, Jim was the co-owner and senior vice president of El Portal, a global chain of designer leather goods, handbags and luggage stores.  His vision and marketing savvy helped to transform a single luggage store into a retail industry leader with 125 stores worldwide.  In addition to his successes with El Portal, Jim also orchestrated the rollout of the entire Swatch Watch franchise business.

In 2000, Jim sold his ownership of El Portal and decided to devote all of his time to learning the craft of winemaking.  He studied viticulture and enology at the University of California at Davis, specializing in the area of handcrafted, premium blended wines.  In 2003, he met Duffy Keys at a barbeque and learned that Keys shared his great passion for wine. Shortly thereafter, the two co-founded B Cellars Winery. More than a decade later, with a permanent home in Oakville, California, their success continues to grow.

Jim is adept at foreseeing and catering to the needs and desires of the luxury consumer. His commitment to quality winemaking, along with his well-honed luxury-goods marketing expertise, laid a solid foundation for the creation of a world-class winery.

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