A Blended Vision

Renowned wine critic Robert Parker refers to B Cellars in an appreciative manner as the modern day négociant, a French term for a wine merchant that would purchase grapes from notable grape growers, vinify each lot separately and then blend them under their own label. While the B Cellars approach is in many respects modeled after the French tradition, we employ a more contemporary attitude that celebrates not only the blending of wine from different vineyards but from different varietals. The results are wines that deliver layers of flavors that are unattainable from the more traditional single vineyard, single varietal production method.

Envision a winery that bends the traditional rules of Napa Valley winemaking by harvesting grapes from not one, but dozens of high-quality terroirs. A winery that maintains the favored French ritualistic heritage known as assemblage; a process where Chateaux’s make their "gran vin" by selecting and blending only the best lots with an equal emphasis on creativity, depth and personal care.

B Cellars is not just a vision; B Cellars is a present-day reality. Jim Borsack, Duffy Keys, Kirk Venge and their enthusiastic team are continually walking the line between time-honored winemaking practices and a contemporary artistic blending approach resulting in climactic wines that showcase the synergy of the Napa Valley terroir.