B Cellars Winery & Tasting Salon is located in Calistoga, at the northern end of Napa Valley, offering a warm, dry and pleasant setting for tasting and a massive array of vineyards spreading towards the South to harvest from.

The Napa Valley area spans roughly thirty miles of land, lying snugly between two crests of mountains and only a short distance from the California coast, taking advantage of both the cooling fog that rolls in from the shore and the heat of central California. This ideal Mediterranean climate also lends to the perfect balance and structure of soil required for grape growing, which is the backbone for our winemaking strategy.

Unlike traditional vineyards that utilize a single terroir for winemaking, our B Cellars team harvests grapes from over twenty different vineyards within the Napa Valley region. This technique allows us to bring together the highest quality grapes from one of the United States’ top wine regions into a single bottle, creating our signature “layers of flavors” that are so admired among chefs. Theses complex layers that are blended so wholly would not be possible without the collection of microclimates and unique, qualityterriors that Napa Valley so generously provides.

A detailed description of our various vineyards is available in the Vineyards section of our website.