List of Vineyards

Stagecoach // Cabernet and Syrah

Stagecoach is located in Napa Valley's Atlas Peak viticultural area.

The Syrah block, T3, sits at 1,750 feet and is one of the two highest blocks of grapes at Stagecoach. It is composed of minimal soil, a lot of rock, and has a Southwest exposure. The clonal selection is 383, one of the new French clones, and the rootstock 110R. L5 has a gentle slope with a southern aspect. The clonal selection here is 169 -- an exciting new French clone -- and the rootstock is 1103. Soil depth is shallow and rocks are abundant. The name of this vineyard section is Rattlesnake Ridge.

Stagecoach's Cabernet block is located on a south-facing slope on the south side of Pritchard Hill. Its clone is 169 -- one of the most sought-after French clones -- on 110R rootstock.

We really enjoy working with the fruit that comes off of this vineyard.  The Cabernet is a perfect candidate for our 2010 Blend 24.  The Syrah will either go into our 2010 Blend 24, Blend 25, and likely be bottled as a single vineyard, single varietal Syrah.