List of Vineyards

Antica Vineyard

The Antica Vineyard was named after Piero Antinori in 2006 as a combination of the word Antinori and California. Located within Napa Valley’s Atlas Peak Appellation, the highest point in the region, the terrain is remote and with thin soils and rocky outcrops. At first description, it may not appear to be ideal growing conditions but the region provides a cool mountain climate, wet winters and warm, dry summers. You can find the grapes planted on the high slopes at the 1,800 ft altitude, raising the grapes above the fog line and into the sun. Mountain temperatures are also about 10-15 degrees F cooler than on the valley floor. When Piero Antinori first came upon this land, he immediately saw the potential for grape growing and since then the Antica Vineyard has been producing quality Napa Valley wines.