O’Shaughnessy Oakville

O’Shaughnessy Oakville Vineyard

Oakville | Napa Valley

The O’Shaughnessy Oakville Vineyard, which owned and operated by the O’Shaughnessy Family, is B Cellars’ neighboring vineyard, located right across the Oakville Cross Road from the winery estate. B Cellars has been working with this vineyard since 2013. Fruit driven with great structure, this Cabernet is right up there with some of the best in the portfolio.


OWNER: O’Shaughnessy Family
VARIETALS/CLONES: Cabernet Sauvignon-169 & 338
SOIL: Moderately-deep, dark clay loam.
SITE & B CELLARS BLOCKS: Relatively flat with east and west exposure. Block 2
CLIMATE: Being in the heart of Oakville, this vineyard gets plenty of warm, sunny summer days with gentle, late afternoon breezes that come over the Mayacamas Mountains from the Pacific. This AVA is noted for having large daytime-to-nighttime temperature fluctuations.

O’Shaughnessy Oakville Vineyard Napa Valley