Stagecoach Vineyard

Napa Valley | Atlas Peak | Pritchard Hill

The distinctive, breathtaking Stagecoach Vineyard is planted to more than 600 acres on top of the Vaca Mountain Range, with more than 150 individual blocks planted to a large number of varieties and clones.   This extremely rocky site makes for very concentrated wines as the vines have to struggle to find water.

OWNER: Jan Krupp
VARIETALS/CLONES: Cabernet Sauvignon-337
Mondavi To Kalon Syrah-470
SOIL: Soils in this region are characterized by red, volcanic soils made up of a boulder- strewn clay loam with a few solid rock outcroppings that have been dynamited to create a more uniform soil base.
SITE & B CELLARS BLOCKS: Hillside with southwestern exposure. Cabernet Sauvignon Block D2, Sangiovese Block L3, and Syrah Block I4
CLIMATE: With altitudes ranging from 1,200-1800 feet above sea level, Stagecoach Vineyard sits on top of the Vaca Mountains adjacent to both Atlas Peak and Pritchard Hill, and is usually above the fog level. During the growing season, this site is characterized by long, warm, dry days and cool nights, with a steady breeze coming up from the valley, which provides a marine influence.

Stagecoach Vineyard Napa Valley