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Premier Vineyards in Napa Valley & Sonoma

Among our other well respected and renowned growers in Napa Valley and neighboring Sonoma, B Cellars is especially proud of its long-term partnership with legendary and pioneering grower, Andy Beckstoffer.  With a portfolio of six single-vineyard heritage wines, the B Cellars-Beckstoffer partnership offers some of the region’s best wines, produced from the most sought after vineyards in Napa Valley. We have nurtured our partnership with Beckstoffer Vineyards since our founding in 2003 and continue to be one of the few wineries in the Napa Valley that produces a wine from each of the six Heritage Vineyards: Bourn, Dr. Crane, Georges III, Las Piedras, Missouri Hopper and To Kalon.

Dutton Ranch Manzana Vineyard

Russian River Valley | Green Valley

Manzana Vineyard is owned and operated by the Dutton Family, who has been working the Sonoma County land since the 1880’s. The Manzana Vineyard is located in the Green Valley region of the Russian River Valley AVA, which is the coolest region of the AVA. Planted to six clones of Pinot Noir, the vines are rooted in arguably the best soil for this coveted variety.

Dutton Ranch Mill Station Vineyard

Russian River Valley | Green Valley

Mill Station Vineyard is owned and operated by the Dutton Family. The Dutton Family has been working the Sonoma County land since the 1880’s. Mill Station vineyard lies in the coolest region of the Russian River Valley, which is called Green Valley. Where Chardonnay is not planted, you’ll find apple orchards that the Dutton Family owns and operates as well.

Ehrlich Vineyard

Oakville | Napa Valley

The Ehrlich Vineyard is situated in Oakville, the heart of the Napa Valley, just south of the Oakville Cross Road. This site originally planted to grapes in the early 20th century, but was quickly planted to walnuts once prohibition set in. It was again planted to grapes in the 1940’s and has remained a great vineyard ever since. There are still several walnut trees scattered throughout the site from the orchard days.

Kenefick Ranch Vineyard

Calistoga | Napa Valley

Kenefick Ranch Vineyard is located just east of the city of Calistoga, nestled against the Vaca Mountain Range. This 125-acre vineyard is planted to more than 10 varieties. The vineyard is currently owned and managed by retired San Francisco neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas P. Kenefick and his two children, Caitlin and Chris, who acquired it in 1978, and began replanting to newer clones and rootstocks and installed modern trellising.

Kick Ranch® Vineyard


Kick Ranch® is in Sonoma County’s Rincon Valley, northeast of Santa Rosa. Its hillside site is on the western side of the northern flank of Spring Mountain, which separates Sonoma and Napa Counties. Nestled northeast of Santa Rosa on a beautiful hillside planted on historic land, a vineyard flourished there by the 1880’s.

Star Vineyard

Rutherford | Napa Valley

Star Vineyard sits in the heart of the Rutherford AVA on the upper Rutherford bench. Founded in 1987 by Reg B. Oliver and well-known Napa Valley winemaker Ric Forman, Star vineyard has consistently produced stellar vintages. Star vineyard is currently managed and operated by Jack Oliver. Piña Vineyard Management takes great care of this 60-acre, sustainably-farmed vineyard to ensure that the fruit reaches its full flavor potential. The vines are Geneva Double Curtain trained, running east-to-west, and spaced 10 x 6 feet apart