Loyalty Benefits

Over the last two decades, B Cellars has produced many different wines, but each individual wine is very limited in production. Because of this exclusivity, the B Society Wine Club is currently closed for new memberships. When the B Society moved to a waitlist, we introduced loyalty levels that help customers gain access to discounts, complimentary tastings, and invitations to exclusive events without taking a standard allocation. See all the loyalty benefits below based on rolling 12-month spend levels. Each spending threshold includes the benefits from the previous level(s).

Loyalty Benefits

Over 1k rolling 12-month spend (Advocate)

  • 10% off all wine and merchandise
  • Two complimentary Trek or Elevage tastings every time you visit (loyalty member must be present)
  • Dedicated wine guide
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Additional Benefits

Over 1.5k rolling 12-month spend (Enthusiast)

  • 15% off all wine and merchandise

Over 2k rolling 12-month spend (Ambassador)

  • 20% off all wine and merchandise
  • 50% off your guests’ tasting fees (loyalty member must be present at the tasting)
  • 50% off tasting fees for referrals that you send to the winery (for first-time visitors)

Additional Benefits

Over 3k rolling 12-month spend

  • Access to Expedition Tasting Experience

Over 10k rolling 12-month spend

  • Complimentary tastings for you and your guests for Trek, Elevage, or Expedition tastings (up to 10 people per visit)
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