Epicurean Adventures


Our Estate Concierge Cindy Biama crafted the Sojourn experience as a lighter pairing to accommodate tasting appointments prior to or following lunch. The Sojourn highlights wines selected from our award-winning portfolio of appellation/vineyard designates and our proprietary blended wines  with locally made cheese and chocolate. Guests begin their quest in the arrival courtyard with a splash of our white blend before embarking on their wine tasting journey.

$65 per person. Available by appointment only. Please allow 90 minutes for the Sojourn experience. 

B Cellars Reserve

Oakville Trek

Curated by co-founder Jim Borsack (fondly known as “the mad chef”), this unique experience begins with a tour of B Cellars vineyards, gardens, winery and caves. Along the way, guests partake in a barrel tasting followed by a seated wine and food pairing in our Hospitality House. The Trek features a tasting of 5 award winning wines selected from our portfolio of appellation/vineyard designates and proprietary blends served with seasonal B Bites prepared à la minute by Executive Chef Derick Kuntz and his team.

$80 per person. Available by appointment only. Please allow 90 minutes for the experience. Parties of 5 or more are accommodated in a private tasting salon; $95 per person.

B Cellars Reserve

Terroir Tasting

B Cellars enjoys rich, long-term relationships with a number of growers tending a number of vineyard sites located around the Napa Valley and into Sonoma. This diversity of vineyard terroir allows us to create a wide range of wines, each exhibiting a unique profile of flavors, textures, and aromas. Terroir is a term that we have adopted from the French. There is no exact translation, but it refers to the idea that each vineyard possesses an utterly unique combination of soils and meso-climate which are not reproduceable by any other vineyard. This terroir, in turn, is expressed in the grapes themselves and ultimately in the wines we create.

As envisioned by B Cellars co-founder Duffy Keys, this experience is designed to showcase the nuance of terroir by setting wines made from the same grape varietal but different wine growing regions and vineyards in a side by side tasting and to gain a new understanding of the rich variety of flavors which we seek to celebrate in our winemaking at B Cellars. Explore 6 wines and a barrel tasting paired with cheese and charcuterie. 

$125 per person. Please allow 90 minutes for this experience. 

B Cellars Reserve

Chef’s Garden Pairing

Presented under the watchful eye of B Cellars Executive Chef Derick Kuntz, this interactive 4-course wine and food pairing celebrates our highly acclaimed wines together with seasonal selections from the Chef’s garden along with his access to ingredients from area ranches, creameries and anglers. Service is outdoors on the vineyard patio and includes a property tour and barrel tasting.

Weather permitting, the Chef’s Garden Pairing is offered Saturdays at 11am. Typically, this experience attracts like-minded wine & food enthusiast who enjoy the adventure of meeting new people with shared interests. Offered in communal service setting or as two separate parties, we have the option to accommodate 2 tables of 6 guests each or combing the tables for a larger party of 12.

$185 per person. Available by appointment only. Please allow 120 minutes for this experience.

B Cellars Reserve

Beckstoffer Heritage

Beckstoffer Vineyards and B Cellars Winery enjoy a longstanding partnership rooted in a shared philosophy of excellence. Over the last 40+ years, proprietor Andy Beckstoffer succeeded in acquiring the 6 historically significant vineyards dating back to the 1800’s. These namesake vineyards known as: Bourn, Dr. Crane, Georges III, Las Piedras, Missouri Hopper and To Kalon share an enviable world-wide reputation among a tight-knit community of cult wine enthusiasts and collectors.

B Cellars produces 8 wines from the 6 Beckstoffer Heritage vineyards and is the only winery in the Napa Valley that collaborates in the annual creation of a “Beckstoffer Heritage Blend” – a medley of multiple Heritage Vineyards.  Other than our B Cellars Beckstoffer Heritage tasting, no single wine producer can provide a similar side-by-side tasting of all 6 vineyards – clearly a unique proposition for those who savor “one-of-a-kind” opportunities.

Limited availability of our Beckstoffer Heritage collection wines may make it difficult to offer this tasting experience at certain times. Please inquire with our Concierge about our calendar of suggested tasting dates. Appointment only; $185 per person.

B Cellars Reserve

The Ascent

Envisioned as a group activity among friends, colleagues or a family gathering, The Ascent experience offers a nice balance between socializing, wine tasting and learning about B Cellars approach to “craft” wine making. Beginning with a brief orientation of the vineyards, gardens and wine production facilities, guests are presented a flight of 5 wines (a white and 4 reds) – wines are accompanied by an assortment of cheeses, crudités and charcuterie prepared and served family style.

Your “guide” kicks off the conversation with a look into the B Cellars background and continues as you delve into the appellation origins of the wines we produce. Rest assured, there’s plenty of encouragement for back and forth conversation among attendees and Q&A with your B Cellars guide.

Please inquire with our Event Planning Manager Fiona Tropiano who is readily available to assist with date selection and to help curate your experience according to the needs of the occasion. The Ascent is priced depending on wine list choices and related options.