Celebrating Earth Day, 2022

Exciting new additions to our ongoing sustainability initiatives.

Last year, we officially launched a sustainability initiative at B Cellars. We announced practices and processes that have been in place for years and launched some new initiatives to be leaders and responsible members of our community. We highlighted our use of water conservation, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly packaging, to name a few. You can read more HERE.

We recognize that sustainability is not a particular project with an official finish line. It is an ongoing, thoughtful part of our culture that guides our decisions and always leaves opportunities for improvement. Over the last six months, we have continued improving and enhancing our sustainability initiatives. What better day than Earth Day to announce our most recent sustainability initiatives.

Sustainable Packing, V2

  • Available in 1 bottle and 6 bottle sizes

  • Six bottle carrier insert folds away making a great grocery bag.

  • Proudly assembled in the USA.

  • Strong canvas material ensures that you can re-use these bags again and again.

Last year we decided to cease using styrofoam in our shipping boxes. We adopted a new solution, featuring Greencell Foam made from corn starch that can be composted and recycled. Beginning on Friday, April 22, 2022, we are proud to announce that we are eliminating our use of cardboard wine carriers in favor of reusable canvas bags. We have one bottle and six-bottle versions, both featuring the B Cellars logo. The six-bottle bags have retractable bottle separators that can be folded down, easily converting your wine carrier into a multipurpose bag! We strongly encourage guests to bring their bags back to B Cellars when visiting and picking up wine. We will happily pack your wine in your reusable bag.

6 Bottle Bag Front
6 Bottle Bag Inside
6 Bottle Bag with Groceries

B Cellars Gives a Hoot

B Cellars is located in Oakville, directly in the center of the Napa Valley. We share our property with native flora and fauna and strive to exist harmoniously with our wild neighbors. We proudly farm without pesticides and harmful chemicals and are excited to introduce new ways to control vineyard pests naturally. Our estate vineyards now feature two barn owl boxes to encourage these amazing birds of prey to make their home on the B Cellars property. Each box can provide a safe nesting site for a mating pair and six chicks per season. Each owl can consume up to 1.5x its weight in rodents PER DAY! We are also in the process of installing Blue Bird boxes to assist with harmful insects, as well as a larger nesting box for an American Kestrel that frequents the property.

  • Each box can provide a nesting site for two adult owls and up to 6 chicks.

  • Barn owls become part of our integrated pest management, eliminating the need for environmentally destructive methods.

  • A single barn owl family can eat over 1,000 rodents each season.

  • B Cellars joins a network of potential foster sites for orphaned owl chicks.

Barn Owl In Flight
New Owl Box, Front Block
Barn Owl Perched

More Trees, Please…

  • Mangrove trees capture up to 4x more carbon per acre than tropical rainforests.

  • B Cellars has contributed to reforestation and protection efforts in 5 different countries.

  • Projects are managed locally, resulting in multiple positive socioeconomic impacts.

  • Money donated by B Cellars goes towards supporting projects that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In partnership with Commerce 7 and Ecologi, we are proud to donate to reforestation efforts around the globe. Since November, B Cellars has donated nearly 10,000 trees in 5 different countries. Every order placed with B Cellars equals one real tree donated. Ecologi works with partners worldwide to help deliver impactful solutions to climate change. Reforestation efforts help plant trees in regions devastated by deforestation and provide employment opportunities to local and indigenous people in those countries.

To date, we have helped fund projects in Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Uganda, and Nicaragua.

You can read more about the projects we’ve helped to fund and Ecologi’s mission by clicking on the live tree counter below.

Kenyan Reforestation Nursery
Tree Seeds In Hands