As fall settles into the valley, the leaves on the vines start turning yellow and orange as they start to go dormant for the winter. Cool mornings and pleasant afternoons will soon give way to the colder and wetter weather synonymous with winter. In the meantime, Chef is harnessing the flavors of fall and bringing back some culinary favorites to pair with our 2021 vintage wines. Once you come and visit, you will most likely be wanting to try recreating all of these pairings at home.

*wine and menu subject to change based on Chef’s inspiration*


Delicata Squash Purée. Toasted Pepitas.


Miso Caramel. Sushi Rice. Furikake.


Tomato Sauce. Roasted Fennel. Soppressata.


Potato Bun. Fried Onions. Pickled Zucchini.

B Cellars Richard Dinner Chardonnay
2021 Richard Dinner Chardonnay
B Cellars Brown Ranch Pinot Noir
2021 Brown Ranch Pinot Noir
B Cellars Blend 24
2019 Blend 24
B Cellars Blend 25
2021 Blend 25
B Cellars Star Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
2021 Star Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon