What is UPS Summer Solutions?

Summer is here and we’re loving the long days, warm nights, and gatherings with friends and family. Unfortunately, shipping wine during the summer can be challenging due to high temperatures. B Cellars is proud to partner with UPS to offer an overnight delivery service to keep your wine safe during transit. Summer Solutions is a tremendous deal, offering significant savings over normal overnight rates. Here’s how it works:

  • Your wine is packed in our temperature-controlled shipping room at the winery in Oakville, CA.
  • Each shipment receives icepacks to ensure the wine remains at a safe temperature throughout transit.
  • UPS picks up packages Monday-Thursday in refrigerated trucks and then transports the wine to the airport where it is loaded onto temperature-controlled planes.
  • Summer Solutions is an Overnight service. Wines arrive at their final destination the day after shipping from Oakville, often before noon when temperatures are coolest.